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Pink Wedding Dress

The Pink Wedding Dress

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Wearing a colored dress, perhaps, breaks the traditional wedding dress code and adopts a more modern wedding dress style. Many brides are now selecting more contemporary colors as compared to traditional wedding dresses, which are usually white or ivory. Wedding dress colors can range from a small accent sash to red and even black wedding dresses.

Wedding gowns traditionally are white because this color symbolized purity. This was a throw back from centuries back and color is just a representation. What is important is that on your wedding day you look good and feel comfortable with your wedding attire. Pink dresses have become one of the most popular dresses for weddings. Pink is also a favorite of many women. It is feminine and it exemplifies romance, sweetness and love.

A-listers have recently taken to the color pink for their wedding gowns. Reese Witherspoon wore a pink wedding gown when she married Jim Toth. Gwen Stefani wore a pink gown when she married Gavin Rossdale. Victoria Beckham also wore a pink colored wedding gown on her big day.

You may get some unusual attention from your guests when you wear a hot pink dress on your wedding day. The reason could either be, they love the color of your dress or they may think you are breaking the traditional wedding. Whatever they are thinking, the most important thing is that you love the way you look, and you feel comfortable with your gown.

Pink has different shades to choose from. Fuchsia, hot pink or dark pink for darker shades; light pink or baby pink for lighter shades. For women with fair skin tones, many shades of pink will surely fit your complexion. For women with darker skin tones, light colored shades will look good on your skin. If you have light colored skin, then light shades will not be good for you, but darker shades will work well.

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If you want to save money when buying your wedding gown, you might be in luck. Fortunately pink dresses are abundant in the formal attire section or evening dress section of many stores, where dresses are less expensive than in the wedding section. Most of the wedding dresses are quite expensive, especially the white ones, so choosing a pink wedding dress, might actually save you money.

Pink is the “new white” for wedding dress colors and there are many ways to incorporate this color into the gown. If you love pink then go for a pink dress or if you want to still have the traditional look, just add shades of pink to your white wedding dress. This will also look good and will surely be lovely as you walk down the aisle.

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