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Fall Wedding Decoration

Fall Wedding Decoration – How to Capture the Colors of the Season

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Did you know that almost 30% of engaged couples choose the fall months as their wedding date? There must be something in the air, or in the lovely colors associated with fall which makes it a popular season for weddings. Now, if you’re among the couples who choose to get married during this season, you should make sure that the colors of the season are incorporated in your fall wedding decoration.

Fall Wedding Decoration: A Quick Look at the Colors & Decors to Use

When you think of the fall season, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the lovely colors of the falling leaves. Rich yellows, oranges, gold, copper, peach and brown are the hues which mimic the natural colors of the season. Since they’re all warm, rich and inviting – why not use all of these colors for your wedding? What you can do is select one accent color that will serve as your main color scheme, but all the other hues will blend to create a warm and cozy atmosphere during your wedding ceremony and reception. For a unique touch, you can take your pick from metallic and jewel tones as the accent color, or turn it into your main wedding color scheme. Now, aside from thinking about the colors that you will use, make sure to also incorporate the season’s blooms, fruits and other natural elements to make for a truly unique fall wedding decoration. The flowers that you can use include roses, gardenias, mums, dahlias and zinnias. A cluster or grapevines and pumpkins are the ‘in’ fruits to use for fall wedding decorations. Finally, don’t forget the colorful fall leaves, maple leaves and the rich brown natural pine cones and cornstalks. All of these elements can be combined when decorating the wedding ceremony entrance, aisles, pews, altar – and the wedding reception tables, entrance and walkways.

Fall Wedding Decoration Tips & Ideas

Here are a few key fall wedding decoration that you should keep in mind when decorating: 1. If you’re at a loss where to start with your fall wedding decoration scheme, start with the wedding dress that you have chosen. Does the gown have a vintage or classic feel to it? Or did you choose a minimalist gown which hardly has any embellishments? Depending on the gown that you will wear, you can create your fall wedding decoration in such a way that the décor will home in on the style of your dress. 2. Fall is the time for harvest, and if you are holding an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, everything should look bountiful! For your table centerpieces, you can create a small pine cone tree which is decorated with oranges, maple leaves and crimson berries. Place them on every dinner reception table and your guests would surely ooh and ahh over the effort that has gone into your fall wedding decoration! 3. It’s a must not to forge the season’s loveliest blooms, but fruits can blend in the occasion just as well. Pumpkins, clusters of grapevines, pomegranate, every imaginable type of berries that you can get, oranges, apples and pears – all of these lovely fruits can be used as an inspiration for your fall wedding decoration theme. You can either use the real thing to create a ‘bountiful harvest’ theme. Or, you can use flower-shaped floating candles and use them on your table centerpieces. You can even create a magnificent wreath which combines all of the fall elements together and hang it by the table or gazebo where the bride and groom will sit down to entertain their guests. With all these fall wedding decoration tips and ideas, you will surely have an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception that will not just look great on your wedding album, but give you fond memories to remember for the rest of your life as well. For more useful tips and ideas about fall wedding decorations [http://www.weddingdecorationtips.com] please visit [http://www.weddingdecorationtips.com] Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/George_Edmondson/208385 Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3583714

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